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Trebisacce: photos, description (Trebisacce)

Trebisacce is a town in the province of Cosenza in Calabria between Amendolara and Villaplana. It is spread over an area of 26.7 sq km 92 km from Cosenza. With a height of 73 meters above sea level, Trebisacce looks colorful on the Ionian coast of Italy. In the last half century the city's population has doubled and is now about 10 thousand people. Since the 1970s years, there has been economic growth in the 1990s was accelerated due to the development of the tourism industry. The boom completely changed the face of fishing villages, turning Trebisacce in major commercial and tourist center of the Ionian coast of Calabria.

Trebisacce with its picturesque surrounding hills, always covered with greenery, crystal clear sea, beautiful views and mild climate offers the tourists excellent opportunities for recreation. The city is considered the "pearl" of the Ionian coast. From here you can reach the Pollino national Park, on the territory which remained untouched virgin nature. Year round in Trebisacce festivals, holidays and religious festivals that enliven the city and give tourists the opportunity to discover a unique corner of Calabria, rich in tradition and history.

Trebisacce serves as the Eastern gate of Sibaiskiy plains, rich in archeological monuments. The territory of the city consists of two parts: the older is called Paese and nestled at the foot of the hill, and the modern Marina, stretched along the coast. In the upper part of the city are still visible the ruins of the ancient fortress walls. From the center of Trebisacce, dominated by the mountain Monte Mostarica, you can admire Tarentsky Bay, Siberische valley and the mountain range of Pollino.

Local attractions worth noting Bastion, built to protect against raids by Ottoman pirates, the beautiful Baroque Church of San Nicola with Dutch tiles covered the dome and the Church of San Giuseppe, surrounded by wonderful pine forest. 22 km from Trebisacce is Sibari, the most ancient Greek colony on the Ionian coast.