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Triora: photos, description (Triora)

Triora is a picturesque village nestled among the forested valleys on the Ligurian coast of Italy. Officially recognized as one of the most beautiful villages of the country. Triora is known that in the 16th century it was the trials of witches and public executions of convicted telling you the exposition of the local Museum.

The ancient village of Triora is situated at the foot of the mountain, Trono, towering over the valley Argentina. The town has preserved its medieval appearance practically intact. In the heart of the city you can find ancient streets, arched galleries, and numerous attractions, among them the Ethnographic Museum of witchcraft, collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Church of San Bernardino, the ruins of the castle Castrum triore the so-called "Cabotine", where, according to legend, was about witches.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction of Triora is the Ethnographic Museum of witchcraft, created for the reconstruction of village life in the Middle ages and keeping record of this famous trial in 1588, the year. In the year as the region broke out a terrible famine, and the Holy Inquisition accused of many local residents. Hundreds of women were declared witches, many of them were subjected to severe torture, and more than ten were burned alive. In addition to the infamous trial, the Museum introduces visitors to the prehistoric artifacts and animal remains.

Interesting and religious monuments of Triora, for example, the collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the chapel of San Giovanni Battista with sculptures by Anton Maria Maragliano 18th century and a precious wooden altar. Collegiate Church of the city, built in the 16th century, has been significantly upgraded in the 18th century. Inside are preserved various works of art, including the painting of the Sienese master Taddeo di Bartolo, who lived in the 14th century.

Also in Triora, you can see the ruins of five fortresses, fortified checkpoint Fortino and castle Kastrum Triore, giving the town a mystical appearance.