/ / Trail of the Gods: photos, description (Sentiero degli Dei)

Trail of the Gods: photos, description (Sentiero degli Dei)

The sentiero degli Dei - path of the Gods is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Amalfi Riviera, in the vicinity of Salerno. Crystal clear sea, striking landscapes, monuments of history and culture - all this mixed on a relatively short stretch of coast. And indeed the Amalfi coast Riviera is a melting pot of history, traditions and legends.

The boundaries of the sentiero degli Dei is still not clearly defined. There are so-called "top trail" from Santa Maria di Castello to Bomerano and "lower trail" from Bomerano to Nocelle, a suburb of Positano. The latter is more popular and favorite among the visitors due to its breathtaking views. Starts the "lower trail" in the town Bomerano and it is available for people of any age. The first part of the trail passes through devoid of large vegetation areas, among shrubs and herbs, which sometimes hides the real archaeological gems. Gradually the vegetation becomes denser and denser, and now in the way of the tourists are Holm oak and strawberry trees. The last part of the trail runs along the top of the mountain Monte Tre cally, where the sky and lying at the bottom of the sea merge on the horizon together and give visitors a wonderful panorama. This shows Cilentana Riviera, Praiano, Positano and the famous island of Capri.

Standing on the hill of Colle Serra, the visitor can admire enchanting grotto del Biscotto, so named for its shape of a traditional cookie. This place is having natural and historical value. Inside there are some caves in which ancient people lived. Another interesting place is the pointed rock on which a memorial plaque memory of Gioachino Fortunato, a man gave the route the name of the sentiero degli Dei. Over the Colle Serra begins the road to Nocelle - it winds among the myrtles and olive trees and rosemary bushes. From Nocelle, you can go to Positano, breaking 1.5 thousand steps. The whole Path of the Gods takes about three hours.

Another variant of the classic route - the road from Vettica Maggiore or Praiano. This road is more complex due to the abundance of stairs and steep slopes, but no less attractive for his species. It is near the Church of Santa Maria a Castro, you can see the convent of San Domenico. In August, the monastery is literally covered with burning candles, lamps and torches - so the locals celebrate the religious festival of "Luminaria". The roots of this holiday leave in the 16th century.