/ / Street via Chiara Argentieri: photo description (Via Argentieri)

Street via Chiara Argentieri: photo description (Via Argentieri)

Via Chiara Argentieri, also known as Silbergasse, originates South-West of Piazza del Grano, Bolzano and go to square, Kronplatz with its fruit and vegetable markets. Today, this medieval street, once the only South embankment surrounding the old Episcopal village, is one of the most interesting and popular among tourists.

The name of via Chiara Argentieri, which translates as "Silver street" has nothing to do with silver. Moreover, it never housed the workshops of gold and silversmiths - they were in the neighbouring Goethestraße, which in ancient times was called Osterhase ("Street of cobblers"). The modern name of the street comes from the name "Silver House", which was located on the corner of Piazza del Grano and Kornplatz. In turn, the origin of the name still remains unknown.

Around the 12th century via Chiara Argentieri was a city moat, filled with water, and so the houses facing the North are the oldest in Bolzano. Until today, these houses are connected to the city's famous "arcades" through a system of passes.

Today at via Chiara Argentieri you can find shops, restaurants, taverns and wine cellars. On the right side stands the Baroque Palazzo Mercantile the first half of the 18th century which are wide steps. Inside is a Museum of Trade in which you can get acquainted with the economic history of Bolzano 17th-18th centuries. The Museum presents documents, pictures and furniture of that era. Particularly noteworthy is the beautiful inner courtyard of the Palazzo with two rows of balconies, a Grand staircase and the elegant Hall of fame.

And a little further on the same side of the street, is erected in 1603, the year the house Casa Troilo with columns and an internal passage that connects via Chiara Argentieri "arcades".