/ / Street via della Maestranza: photo description (Via della Maestranza)

Street via della Maestranza: photo description (Via della Maestranza)

Via della Maestranza is one of the main and most ancient streets of Ortigia island, historic center of Syracuse. On both sides it is framed by beautiful Baroque palaces of the noble inhabitants of the city. I especially want to mention some of them. So, number 10 is Palazzo Interlandi Pizzuti, and a little farther is the Palazzo, Impellizzeri (No. 17) with alternating Windows and balconies with smooth lines. Further away stands the Palazzo Bonanno (No. 33), which today houses the office of the Tourist Association, is a strict medieval building with a lovely courtyard and a terrace on the first floor. The impressive Palazzo Romeo Bufardeci listed under number 72 - its facade with balconies in Rococo style, stands out for its lushness and even a certain redundancy.

If you walk along via della Maestranza forward, then we can go on a lovely little square, the decoration of which is the Church of San Francesco Dell'immacolata al. Adjacent to the Church belfry was erected in the 9th century! The facade of the temple is very clear and as if convex, it is decorated with alternating columns and pilasters. Early every year in the night from 28 to 29 November in the Church was held ancient ritual La Svelata, during which they filmed the veil of the icon of the blessed virgin Mary. This happened in the early hours of dawn to the participants of the ceremony could get to work. Throughout the night musicians were announced to the faithful about the beginning of the ceremony.

Towards the end of the street, via della Maestranza emerges curved facade of Palazzo Rizza (No. 110), which stands out for its magnificent and original cornice with grotesque and human faces, interspersed by floral ornament. And behind it lies a quarter of Giudecca antique layout with narrow streets, perpendicular to each other. In 16th century it was inhabited by a Jewish community, until its eviction.