/ / Street via San Francesco: photos, description (Via San Francesco)

Street via San Francesco: photos, description (Via San Francesco)

Via San Francesco - the main street of Assisi, starting from the gate of the Church of St. Francis and leading to the town square, Piazza del Comune. Walking on it will allow you to get acquainted with numerous historical sights of the medieval city.

If you go from the Church of San Francesco, the first thing tourists see - the house Casa dei Maestri Comacini built in the 15th century and belonged to the Guild of architects who worked in Assisi. A little further stands the Palazzo Giacobetti, erected by Giacomo Giorgetti in the 17th century - it is a long Baroque façade and a large Central balcony, which support the cornices. Nowadays it hosts the City library, the archive of the monastery of the Sacro Convento, the municipal archive, notarial archive. Among the treasures stored in the building, can be called the Bible of St. Ludwig of Toulouse with the beautiful French miniatures of the 12th century and the oldest text of the writings of St. Francis and his "Song of the Sun".

On the other side of via San Francesco monastery is located, Oratorio dei Pellegrini, built in 1432 by the brotherhood of San Giacomo e Sant'antonio. His conduct was also adjacent hospital for pilgrims, now no longer existing. The mural on the facade of the monastery, written by Matteo da Gualdo in 1468, depicting the Resurrection of Christ, the Apostle James, and brother Anthony. The interior is also decorated with frescoes: the altarpiece painted by Matteo da Gualdo, and the scenes depicting the saints James and Anthony is a creation of Pierre Antonio Mezzastrada. Image of Saint James, and Ansano on the outer wall of the facade attributed to Andrea d'assisi, which Vasari considered as the most talented pupil of Perugino.

Finally, aside from the monastery you can see the seven arches of the cloister of Mont Frumentario - old hospitals and recreational facilities, built in 1267. Nearby stands a graceful fountain Fonte Oliver, created in 1570. While 200 metres away lies the Piazza del Comune.