/ / Alcantara gorge: photo description (Gole Dell'alcantara)

Alcantara gorge: photo description (Gole Dell'alcantara)

Alcantara gorge is a deep cleft in the rocks and the rocks formed as a result of the repeated eruptions of mount Etna and close to Taormina, in Eastern Sicily. At the bottom of the gorge of amazing beauty flows the river of the same name, which is from may to August is significantly reduced in volume but not dry completely. The water in the river is always cool, which attracts hundreds of visitors to cool off on hot summer days. The length of the river 52 km, the basin area - 573 sq. km. Its source is on the southern slopes of the Nebrodi mountain range at an altitude of 1250 meters.

The name of the river derives from the Arab word "al Qantarah", which means "bridge" in ancient Roman times, through the water stream was spanned bridge, later discovered by the Saracens. Several thousand years ago the channel of the river during the eruption of Etna was blocked by the lava. Because the lava in conjunction with water cooled down much faster than under natural conditions, it crystallized in the form of columns. Then, for many hundreds of years, the river had cut their way through these columns, resulting in and was formed by the great and formidable Alcantara gorge to a depth of 25 meters and a width of from 2 to 5 meters. In 2001 this area was included in the eponymous river Park.

The whole valley of the Alcantara covered with amazing plants and flowers that delight even the most experienced nerds. And look at the big beautiful countryside you can climb a specially equipped observation deck, which is open from seven in the morning until seven in the evening. Special impression on tourists produces the valley itself - sharp cliffs of basalt shapes, numerous waterfalls crashing on the rocks and flying millions of spray, leave an unforgettable impression.