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Favara: photo description (Favara)

Favara is a small municipality in the province of Agrigento, 8 km East of Agrigento. On the area of 81 sq. km and home to only about 34 thousand people. The main landmark is the Castello Chiaramonte, built in 1280 as a hunting residence of Federico di Sveva. Its architecture is somewhat unique because it represents a transitional form between the traditional Palazzo (Palace) and the castle.

Still, most Castello Chiaramonte called the castle due to the square shapes of its various parts, constructed according to the plans of the Swabian castles, which were widespread in Eastern Sicily in the 13th century. The building was partly used as a residence and only sometimes for military purposes, not because it has a very advantageous location. Part of the castle looks very massive, and the other cut through lightweight double-leaf window - some were later converted into the Renaissance style. Rooms on the first floor was once used as storerooms, stables and quarters for the servants - they have cylindrical vaults and overlook the courtyard. They are remarkable also with its pointed doors and various appendices 16, 18 and 19th centuries. In the main hall you can see a stone with a mysterious and undeciphered inscription, which, according to legend, reports on the whereabouts of hidden treasures. Particularly noteworthy are the chapel and the portal, framed by two small marble columns and a frieze with a bas-relief and winged cupids. After several years of oblivion recently Castello Chiaramonte was restored, and today it hosts various cultural events.

Among the other attractions of Favara you can call the city's main square, Piazza Cavour, Palazzo Fanara 19th century with neoclassical portal, the Church of the Santissimo Rosario, built in 1711 and declared a national monument, and Church of Santa Rosalia, also called Purgatorio - Purgatory. Built in the late 19th century, the Cathedral of Favara Chiesa Madre is situated near Piazza Cavour. This is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city are striking in its white stone facade and Gothic dome, ascended to a height of 56 meters. And the Church of Santissima Maria Dell'itria is one of the oldest buildings Favara - it was built in the 15th century.