/ / FAI della Paganella: photo description (Fai della Paganella)

FAI della Paganella: photo description (Fai della Paganella)

FAI della Paganella is a small ski resort located on a plateau at height about thousand meters above sea level. The first mention of the FAI belong to the 12th century, although the municipality was founded only in 1952, the year. Today it is a popular ski resort attracts not only for its slopes but also the marvelous panorama of the valley of the Adige. Near the FAI is another resort - Andalo, with 50 km of equipped slopes and modern ski lifts. The ski season here lasts from December to April.

To reach FAI della Paganella by bus from Trento, administrative centre of the Italian region of Trentino-Alto-Adige. And you can be accommodated in one of 20 local hotels. Or in a private home that rent the citizens.

Of the attractions of the FAI della Paganella it is worth noting, first of all, the cave of Monte Corno Battisti Cesare. This is one of the largest and most beautiful caves around the region. It is a hole in the rock in the form of a regular trapezoid and has a length of about a kilometer with many branches. From the cave you can go to the viewpoint overlooking the Valle Adige.

Also, tourists will enjoy a visit to the newly opened snow Park, which features a school and teaching skiing, snow tubing, Playground for children, giant inflatable slides and castle. Here you can rent a sled to play in the snow, looking at the mini-village needle and just enjoy the nice day.