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Falconara Marittima: photo description (Falconara Marittima)

Falconara Marittima is a small town on Italy's Adriatic coast, 9 km North from Ancona, capital of Italian Marche region. Its main attraction is the long sandy beach, in the warm time of the year filled with tourists who here can play beach volleyball, tennis and soccer.

Falconara developed around the castle built between the 7th and 12th centuries and during the second half of the 16th century acquired the noble family of Bourbon del Monte. They owned the castle until the 19th century. While Falconara castle, together with the Rocca Priora and Castelferretti was part of a defensive system built around Ancona.

Today Falconara is primarily a resort town. The winter is quite cold due to the Bora - an icy wind blowing along the coast. From April to June is warm and pleasant weather with moderate humidity. July and August are the hottest months - temperatures can rise above 30 º C.

Of the attractions in addition to the above, while Falconara castle, you can celebrate the zoo, spread over an area of 6 hectares, the Park Cormorano, located in the Northern part of the city, the Villa Monte Domini, built on a hill at the beginning of the 16th century, the Church of Santa Maria della Misericordia 15-th century, with interesting frescoes and the Franciscan library, entirely devoted to St. Francis of Assisi. Castle Castelferretti built in 1384-1386-m years, was erected by order of Francesco Ferretti and Rocca Priora was the stronghold of local residents to protect against enemy invasion from the North. In 1756, the year the Marquis of Trionfi restored the castle and adapted it to stay, and today, Rocca Priora is one of the most well preserved castles of Ancona.