/ / The farm Cascina, Increa in Brugherio: photos, description (Cascina Increa)

The farm Cascina, Increa in Brugherio: photos, description (Cascina Increa)

Kashin, Increa is one of the farm estates in the town of Brugherio, located in the South-Eastern border of the Italian region of Lombardy. Is run by the regional Ministry of cultural heritage and tourism and is remarkable for its well-preserved architecture of the Renaissance style.

At the time, the farm was part of the municipality of Cernusco Asinaria (now Cernusco Sul Naviglio) and belonged to the Church of Gorgonzola. Its name is derived from the Italian name of the clay, which is rich in this area and which were used for the construction of kilns for bricks. In 1578, the year the farm was joined to the parish of San Bartolomeo in the city of Brugherio and three centuries later the lands of the farm became part of the city.

In the 16th century on the farm lived a total of 27 people, and by the end of the 18th century the number had risen to 144 people who lived in houses around the main building, which belonged to the owners of the farm. Part of the land was used for growing grain and grapes, and later, in the 20th century, there was mined gravel, and sand. In 1987, the year the city Council Brugherio bought the whole complex and the former quarry cava, Increa, turning it into a Park Increa and restored historic barns, convert them into apartments. The stables were turned into garages.

To get to Kashin, Increa possible from the street via Increa. In the centre of the former farm of the estate is the Villa, Tizzoni, Ottolini where the gala days of old Milanese family. Today it houses the offices and private residences. To the left of the Villa you can see the Church of Santa Maria Dell'immacolata, consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary and St. Theresa in 1691, the year.

The estate is remarkable arched back wall leading to the places where in the past farmers lived. To the right of the courtyard is still farm with corrals for livestock. The main yard is located to the left, stands a large porch. On the lower floor of the building once housed the kitchen, pantry, Laundry and living room. On the top floor was bedrooms. After the restoration of the complex architectural style of the former barns and stables have been preserved in their original form, but personal space has been somewhat modified.