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Fidenza: photo description (Fidenza)

Fidenza is a small town in the Western part of the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, located between Piacenza and Parma, on the ancient road via Emilia. The city was founded in Roman times and reached its heyday in the middle Ages, as it was on an important pilgrimage route that led to Rome. History of Fidenza is rich with different events - a few times she was almost killed during various military engagements (in the 5th century by the Emperor Constantine; in the 13th century the troops of Parma; in the 20th century - during the allied bombing during the Second world war).

The main attraction Fidenza - impressive Cathedral - the legacy of the Middle ages. Its construction began in the 13th century. Facade of the Cathedral is a fortunate and unusual mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles. Here you can see the characteristic Romanesque arch, a few sculptures, including statues of Ezekiel and David Benedetto working with Antel in the niches on either side of the main entrance, Braley and three towers. Inside the Cathedral is decorated with various frescoes, including a cycle of the 13th century in the apse. In the crypt the relics of St Donnino and in the nearby Museum houses valuable religious artifacts.

To experience other attractions of Fidenza is a leisurely stroll through the historic center of the city, looking at its medieval structure. Here you can see the Torre, Viscontea, Porta San Donnino, who in the past has provided access to the city, the Magnani theatre of the 19th century, the neoclassical Church of San Michele and the Palazzo Comunale of the 12th century, substantially rebuilt in the 14th and 16th centuries and received a new façade in the 19th century-M. by the Way, until 1927, the year the Hospital was known as Borgo San Donnino, and the new name she received during the implementation of the ambitious development program of the 1920-30-ies.