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Folgarida: photo description (Folgarida)

Folgarida is one of the oldest ski resorts not only in the Val di sole in the Dolomites, but throughout Italy - the first skiers appeared here in 1965-m to year. The town lies at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level surrounded by pine forest, only 9 km from another popular ski centre in Madonna di Campiglio. Together with the neighbouring resort of Marilleva included in a single ski area and offers tourists a variety of opportunities for recreation.

Folgarida, lying on the road between Dimaro and Passo Campo Carlo Magno, is now considered one of the most important economic centers of the region Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. For many centuries the mount has been used in Folgarida lesodobyvayuschee industry, and its slopes were excellent pastures. The first mention of the town refers to 1220-th year. Today, the main item of local income is tourism.

Slopes of Folgarida the total length of 62 km is mostly classified as "red" and "blue" and are suitable for both beginners and intermediate professionals. Here laid one of the most difficult "black" slopes with a height difference of up to 600 meters. In 1999, the year in Folgarida has hosted a world championship in snowboarding.

In most Folgarida there are many comfortable hotels, bars and restaurants, a skating rink and several ski schools. And near the town in a narrow valley, the Val Malegria is a small chapel built on the spot where in the Middle ages on a hilltop Santa Brigida stood founded by the legendary knights Templar shelter.