/ / The Neptune fountain: photos, description (Fontana del Nettuno)

The Neptune fountain: photos, description (Fontana del Nettuno)

The fountain of Neptune is a monumental fountain in Naples, located in Piazza Municipio. Before the end of 2014, the year he stood opposite the Church of Santa Maria Incoronata, just South of the religious complex Pieta di of Turchini. Today, the fountain installed in front of City Hall. Change the location of the monument was due to the construction of a new metro station.

The building of the fountain refers to the period of the Spanish Viceroyalty of Enrique de Guzman, count of Olivares. The monument itself was built by Giovanni Domenico D Auria by the Swiss architect Domenico Fontana in the early 17th century. In the creation of the fountain was attended by the sculptor-architects Michelangelo Naccherino, Pietro Bernini, and Cosimo, Fanzago.

Originally, the fountain stood at the Arsenal in the port. In 1629, the year it moved to Largo di Palazzo (now Piazza del Plebiscito), to Palazzo Reale, but it interfered with the festivals, so the fountain was moved again, this time to the castle Castel Dell'ovo. There the fountain was decorated with lots of statues created by Fanzago. In 1638, the year the fountain was again moved, to the modern streets of via Medina. There he was severely damaged during the revolt of 1647, the year and later, in 1672, the year, during the looting of Naples ' Viceroy Pedro Antonio de aragón. Only in 1675, the year the fountain was restored and moved to the Molo Grande. This "moving" of the monument has not ended - it has several times changed its location.

The fountain of Neptune is a circular monument surrounded by a balustrade. Water flows from the four lion figures that are holding shields with the symbols of the Medina and de Carafa. Two sea monsters pour out the water in the Central bowl decorated with dolphins and tritons that also pour out the water. These figures were carved by Pietro Bernini. In the centre, on a rock, two nymphs and two satyrs holding a tray, on which stands a statue of Neptune with a Trident. This part of the fountain was created Naccherino.