/ / The Neptune fountain: photos, description (La Fontana di Nettuno)

The Neptune fountain: photos, description (La Fontana di Nettuno)

The Neptune fountain is one of the main attractions of the historic center of Bologna, located opposite the entrance to the Palazzo Re Enzo. It was built on the homonymous square in 1567 on the site of dwellings, which on this occasion was demolished. The author of the figure of Neptune has become a famous sculptor Giambologna, who took a sample of a similar fountain in Florence, which bears the same name - the Fountain of Neptune. Another name for Bologna fountain "Giant", since its height is 3.2 meters and weight up to 2.2 tons.

The base of the fountain made from local stone and the exterior finish is made of Verona marble. The Central figure of Neptune surrounded by various bronze statues, representing the inhabitants of his Kingdom, sirens, dolphins, cherubs, heavenly creatures, etc. On the sides you can see the papal heraldic shields. The Neptune armed with a Trident, rises majestically above the pedestal. The fact that all the statues of the fountain exposed, repeatedly became an occasion for public debate and censure, some locals even offered to cover the "causal space" of the traditional Fig leaves. However, on the organized for this reason the referendum the majority of citizens opposed the changes to masterpiece, no matter how obscene it may seem.

The water source for the Fountain of Neptune is a spring Remonda in the vicinity of the monastery of San Michele in Bosco. The author of the project of the aqueduct leading water from the spring to the fountain and to the Palazzo Communale, and the fountain was Tommaso Laureti.

For almost five centuries of its history, the Fountain of Neptune several times fully restored, the last restoration took place in 1988-1990. After her before the fountain was installed a plaque with the names of all who participated in it financially or physically.