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Fort Belvedere: photo description (Forte di Belvedere)

Forte di Belvedere, also known as the Fortezza di Santa Maria in San Giorgio del Belvedere fortress in Florence, the second and largest in the city. Was designed by the architect Bernardo Buontalenti and built in 1590 th- 1595 th years by order of the Grand Duke Ferdinando I. de Medici In the 16th century played an important role in demonstrating the wealth and power of Florence.

The fortress is located on the southern hills of the Arno river, at the highest point of the Boboli Gardens. For a long time this place was considered one of the most vulnerable in the defense of the city, especially with the development of artillery in the modern era. From a military point of view, the fortress stands in a strategically important location, which offers an overview of almost all of Florence and its surroundings. That is why in the Renaissance Fort was paramount in the defensive strategy of the city.

The Fort had several objectives: first and foremost, it was to protect the centre of Florence and the ruling Medici family in case of attack, he also had to protect the Pitti Palace, Oltrarno district and the southern boundary of the city. For over a hundred years after the completion of the fortress has also served as a garrison for troops. And it was here that Galileo Galilei carried out his astronomical observations, and after, in 1633, the year he was sentenced to life imprisonment, he lived near the Fort at the Villa Arcetri.

The design of the Fort Belvedere is a mixture of Renaissance-style military architecture. With the help of the Vasari Corridor, the fortress is connected to the Palazzo Vecchio, in addition was formerly secret passages leading to the Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens. Standing in the center of the Fort luxury Villa - Palazzina di Belvedere was built before the fortress by the project of Bartolomeo Ammannati. It housed the Great Duke of Tuscany in the case of the capture of the city or of the epidemic, and here was stored the wealth of the Medici family.

Today, Forte di Belvedere - a monument of history and architecture, offering an enchanting view of Florence and the surrounding countryside. After five years of restoration it was reopened to visitors in 2013 year. Within its walls throughout the year there are various cultural events, and in 2014-m year, Hollywood celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated their wedding here.