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Fort Karnal: photos, description (Carnale Fort)

Fort Karnal in Salerno located at via Torrione. It was built in 1563, the year as part of a defensive tower system, intended to protect the city from pirate raids of the Saracens, near the river IRNA. According to historians, this name was given to the Fort in memory of the massacre with the participation of the Saracens, which took place in 872, the year.

Originally the Fort stood on the mainland, but later due to the construction of highway 18 has been cut off. The presence of metal elements on the walls and the location of the Fort suggests that it was the so-called "cavalry tower." Riders who lived inside, was to warn the population of Salerno in the event of an attack. In the 17th century by Ippolito di Pastena used the Fort as his base during the uprising against Spanish rule. During the reign of the Bourbons there was placed the powder of slad. And in the years of the Second World war, it was the point of the fire, traces of which can still be seen today.

Now the Karnal Fort, standing on the beautiful waterfront of Salerno, is used for cultural events. It can be easily seen from the street, via Clemente Tafuri, named after a famous artist. Inside the Fort is a large meeting room with modern equipment, furnished in General with a Fort style. On the floor in addition to restaurants and bars located terrace with beautiful panoramic sea views. Also, the structure of the tourist attractions of Fort Karnal includes a tennis court, hockey pitch and indoor swimming pool.