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Fort Longone: photos, description (Forte Longone)

Fort Longone - old fortress located on the cliff top above the town of Porto Azzurro on Elba island. You can get here easily enough, walking through the narrow streets of the city and passing along its fortified walls. Unfortunately, inside the Fort to get does not work, because today within its walls is housed a prison. But from the top of the rock offers breathtaking views of the Eastern part of the island of Elba.

The construction of the Fort Longone refers to the 17th century, when a local port was under the rule of Spain. Work on its construction began in 1603, the year under the leadership of the Neapolitan Viceroy Giovanni Alfonso Pimentel de Herrera. The main goal was the strengthening of the already existing defensive system and, consequently, obtaining greater control over the sea. During the 17th-18th centuries, the Fort has repeatedly been plundered in the course led the anti-Spanish wars, but has always been considered a serious threat. Especially zealous in this the French, who constantly attacked the city of Longone and Fort. In 1814, the year when Elba came Napoleon Bonaparte, a few rooms of the fortress was given to his disposal, in consequence, he considered them his third residence in exile after the Villa dei Mulini and Villa San Martino.

At the end of the 19th century Fort Longone still retained their defensive functions and also acquired strategic importance. At the request of local authorities, he was turned into a prison that soon became infamous for its terrible conditions of detention - she was even considered one of the worst in Italy.

Today in Fort Longone continues to operate a prison, but with much more better conditions. The walls of the Fort have been preserved Church 17th century San Giacomo, a beautiful example of Baroque architecture. By the way, why Fort Longone sometimes called the Fort of San Giacomo.