/ / Fort Fuentes: photos, description (Forte di Fuentes)

Fort Fuentes: photos, description (Forte di Fuentes)

Fort Fuentes is a military fortress built on the hill Montecolo in the vicinity of the town of Colico on lake Como. It was built on the orders of the Spanish Governor of Milan, don Pedro enríquez de Acevedo, count of Fuentes, to control lying beneath the plain - Pian di Spagna and the strategically important road between Valtellina, Valchiavenna and Alto Lario. In addition to this, the fortress was obliged to protect the Northern boundary of the Spanish possessions.

The construction of the Fort began in 1603 or 1609-m years under the direction of the military architect, Gabrio of the Bar and was completed in three years. The Fort was rectangular in shape, and irregular shape of the wall, which acted as wedges, allowed to better protect the Bastion. The whole structure consisted of several levels: on the top, still visible, was the headquarters of the commander, and at the bottom were barracks for the soldiers. Only a fortress could hold about 300 people. Ancillary fortified structures were the tower of Sorico, the Torretta del Passo, the Fortino d'adda, the torrino on a map di Borgofranco, Torretta di Curcio and tower of Fontaneda.

Like Milan, Fort Fuentes in 1706, was taken by Eugene of Savoy, which put an end to Spanish domination in Northern Italy. In 1769, the Fort was visited by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, who declared him useless for military purposes. Thirteen years later, the castle was removed from service, and the land sold into private hands. At the end of the 18th century by order of Napoleon the Fort was almost completely destroyed. Then, in the 19th century, its ruins were hidden bandits and guerrillas, and during the First World war it was equipped with eight firing positions. In 1987, the entire hill Montecolo with the ruins of the Fort were purchased by the provincial administration of Como, and later it became the property of the province of Lecco. In 1998 was established a special Association of Fort Fuentes, which deals with the protection of the historical heritage of this place.

It is also worth mentioning the fresco that once stood in the chapel of the Fort, it depicts Saint Barbara, the patron Saint of soldiers. The mural itself is not so much art as historical significance, today it is kept in the parish Church Colico San Giorgio.