/ / The forum of Trajan: photos, description (Foro di Traiano)

The forum of Trajan: photos, description (Foro di Traiano)

This magnificent monument of the monumental architecture of the era of the reign of the Emperor Trajan created by architect Apollodor of Damascus. The forum was erected in 106-113 ad to state subsidies, which grew as the result of a victorious war against the Dacians ended a few years earlier. The size of the forum was ambitious: 300 meters in length and 185 meters in width. To build the Forum of Trajan, it was necessary to cut the top of the Quirinal hill, and Apollodorus of Damascus coped brilliantly with this task.

Dedication of Trajan's Column took place in the year 113 BC; its total height is nearly 40 meters. On its top was a statue of Trajan, lost in the moment. In 1587 Pope Sixtus V ordered it to be replaced by the statue of St. Peter. The column is a tombstone for Trajan: the door at the bottom of the column, leads to the hall, where is placed the urn containing the ashes of the Emperor. The shaft of the Column end of the spiral continuous frieze with a length of 200 meters and a height of about 1 meter is a documentary narration about the two victorious battles of Trajan against the Dacians in 101-102 and 105-106 ad.

Trajan's markets is a huge brick semi-circle. Downstairs open stalls; shop top floor adjacent to the rock in that place where was made the cut of the hill. The third tier ensemble includes a road that abruptly rises up. Many shops, offices, portable counters, and Basil complement this architectural ensemble consisting of six floors.