/ / The Colli Berici: photos, description (Colli Berici)

The Colli Berici: photos, description (Colli Berici)

Colli Berici - beautiful hills on all sides surrounding Vicenza. They are not historical monuments, ancient villas and gardens, tiny towns and villages, of course, deserve the attention of tourists and the surrounding nature is sometimes reminiscent of a landscaped English countryside and sometimes similar to dense thickets. The hills were formed by marine sediments, and the oldest rocks there are about 90 million years. In recent years there have been several attempts to use natural and economic value of these places, ranging from celebrations at Nanto, the economy of which is based on the extraction of the stone and the cultivation of olives and truffles, and finishing with the Grape Festival in Barbarano and the Cherry Festival in Castegnero. Local restaurateurs repeatedly arranged various events for lovers of good food and wine.

One of the routes, which introduces the Colli Berici, Brendola begins in a small village just outside Vicenza, which much resembles the picturesque scenery of Tuscany. It is located between mount Monty Comunale and the plain of San Valentino. Among the attractions Brendaly it is worth noting the Bishop's fortress, the Rocca dei vescovi 11th century parish Church of San Michele in neo-Gothic style, the town Hall with an airy loggia of the 15th century, the incredible facade of the Church of Santa Maria dei revise the shell shape and the charming square Piazzetta del Vicariato her house Pagello, Villino Malyuta and Vicarage.

From Brendola road leads to Grancona, and then, from Bocca di Ansesa, starts Val Lyon is the largest valley of the Berici. Among the many interesting opportunities that the valley has to offer tourists - a rich Deposit of fossils of the Eocene period, ancient medieval mill, the dense forests and rapid streams, quarries and stone-cutting workshops scattered among the rocks. Special attention is given to the town of Campolongo is one of the most attractive in the Veneto. It is well worth the visit the Villa Dolfin beginning of the 16th century dovecote Torre Colombara. And in the neighbouring villages, Villa is located, Custozza-Lazarini and Villa Fracanzani-Piovene with the Museum of agricultural machinery. A couple of kilometres from Organo lies Sossano, which produces the most delicious ham. You should definitely stop in Lonigo, which is striking in its architecture: the real icpcwiki are Palazzo Pisani, of the 14th century, Villa Giovanelli, Rocca Pisana and temple of the Madonna dei Miracoli. Each year it hosts horse racing and competitions at the Speedway.

From Lonigo road goes through the Poyane Maggiore with its Palladian Villa of Poyane in the town of Noventa Vicentina. There you can admire the Villa Barbarigo and the Grand Cathedral with a painting by Tiepolo. In the town of Barbarano Vicentino starts circular route through the very heart of the Colli Berici. Here to stay is the Palazzo dei Vicari, known as La Canonica, is a Gothic structure of the 15th century. And here is annually held the Festival of the Grape. From Barbarano you can easily get to the gorge Scutellata is one of the most secluded and inhospitable places Berici, above which rises the ancient Church of San Giovanni in Monte.

The town of Nanto in addition to its truffles and olive oil-the famous international festival of sculptures, which are carved from soft local stone, located near Lumignano cave Brochon, Guerra and Moore with the remains of settlements of the early stone age and growing peas "busy", which is the key ingredient of classic risotto. No less interesting is the town of Costozza with caves Covoli that using an incredible system of ducts connects the Villa Trento, Villa Eoliya, Villa da Schio, Villa Garzaroli, CA’ Molina and viola Trento Carly. These caves, in fact, are the world's first system of "natural air conditioning". Today Kavali grow mushrooms.

From Longare the road goes along the river Bacchiglione and leads to the town Montegalda, above which rises an ancient castle, Castello Grimani-Sorlini, surrounded by cypress trees and gardens. In the vicinity of Vicenza is the lake Fimon, dotted with water lilies, water buttercups, and walnut. A completion Dating from the Colli Berici can be a examination of the Palladian Villa La Rotonda, Villa dei Nani and Valletta del Silenzio the work of Fogazzaro.