/ / The sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata: a photo, a description (Santuario della Madonna Avvocata)

The sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata: a photo, a description (Santuario della Madonna Avvocata)

The sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata in Maiori is one of those places that literally amaze visitors, believers in Christ. Like here and nature lovers, because the path to the temple is on the mountain slope, which offers, perhaps, one of the most beautiful views in the world - the Gulf of Salerno, from the Cape of Punta Licosa to Punta Campanella, the famous island of Capri, all the Amalfi coast, lying at the feet.

The starting point for a journey to sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata - street via Casale dei Cicerale, historic and picturesque alley leading to the upper part of Maiori, and further in the village of San Vito. The road goes among lemon groves and vineyards growing in the typical terraced gardens overlooking the sea. Then the road turns into a mountain path, and after about an hour and a half tourists find Santa Maria - the old Priory farm. Another 20 minutes on the road - and the long-awaited rest at the source of "Aqua ro castani" (the Chestnut spring) where you can drink clean water and breath. Ahead - the steepest part of the climb. On the way to be "Felicita" is a real fern forest, and the so-called "Sausage cave" (Grotta delle Soppressate), so named for the characteristic shape of stalactites. Finally, on the very edge of a rocky cliff of mount Falerio in front of the travelers rises the sanctuary of Madonna Avvocata.

The entire religious complex is located on a large plateau, facing the Amalfi coast. It consists of three parts: the monastery of the 16th century, a small Church built in the 20th century (the original was destroyed during a fire), and caves, where the local shepherd, the virgin Mary appeared. The monastery expands with increasing monastic fraternity, was used for its intended purpose until 1807, the year, when they were abolished they owned the monastic order. Once adorned a statue of the Madonna Avvocata, dated to the 16th century, now kept in the Church of Collegiata di Santa Maria a Mare in Maiori.

The greatest interest of pilgrims usually causes the cave, accessed by steep steps - this is where the shepherd Gabriel Cinnamo the virgin Mary appeared asking to build a Church. In the cave with a small altar, enclosed by an iron railing. Nearby is the grotto of Matteo Salese, the robber of the 18th century, who preferred to jump into the void and die, but not surrender to the police.