/ / The Shrine of the Madonna del Arco: photo description (Santuario della Madonna Dell'arco)

The Shrine of the Madonna del Arco: photo description (Santuario della Madonna Dell'arco)

The Shrine of the Madonna del Arco is located in the town of Santa Anastasia in the Italian region of Campania. Once on this spot, near the Roman arch was the ark, dedicated to the virgin Mary. And in the 15-16-th centuries happened here two miraculous phenomena that have made Santa Anastasia a famous place of pilgrimage.

The Shrine of the Madonna del Arco built in the shape of a Latin cross and decorated with Baroque elements. In the centre of the transept is a small sanctuary, which houses the most ancient Shrine with a marble inlay. Baroque altar decorated with precious stones, used to worship the virgin Mary. The Church has also kept the amazing beauty of a wooden crucifix of the 17th century and two canvases by Luca Giordano. To the right of the choir is the chapel of the rosary, famous for its scenery. The cloister of the temple consists of columns that frame the garden with a well in the center.

Throughout the year in Santa Anastasia pilgrims come from all over Italy and other parts of Europe, but especially crowded here during the annual religious festival And Pujante, which originates in the distant 16th century and dedicated to the first miracle happened here - the bleeding of the icon of the virgin Mary. Then one of the players in the balls, pissed off loser, in anger struck the icon of the Madonna, and she began to bleed. The man began non-stop running and jumping and was subsequently hanged for his blasphemous act. Today participants of the rally, pujante, dressed in white and barefoot, running furiously through the streets, trying to atone for the sin of the player. At the end of the procession of Madonna doing different tributes, which over the past century the Church has accumulated a few thousand is probably one of the most impressive collections in Christendom.

In addition to the Madonna del Arco in the town of Santa Anastasia, you can also explore the Villa Tortora brayda 18th century, which today houses the Italian red cross, the Church of Santa Maria La Nova to the 16th century with an interesting bell tower, the convent of Sant'antonio, Palazzo Nicola amore, Alessandro Marra and Alessandro siano portal of piperno.