/ / Temple of Minerva: photos, description (Santuario di Minerva)

Temple of Minerva: photos, description (Santuario di Minerva)

The temple of Minerva is a Roman temple located in the village of Spiner in the province of Brescia. It stands on a rocky Bank of the river oglio and converted to a natural cave that has a spring.

In the era of the iron age in this place in religious ceremonies and performed rituals there was a small sanctuary, which was a paved platform for the departure of the rituals of cremation. After the romanization of the territory of the province of Brescia in the place of the pagan sanctuary was erected a Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Minerva - it happened in the 1st century. An ancient temple built near the more ancient, consisted of a series of rooms, which goes into the rock and portico, facing the river and restricting the courtyard. In the main hall, in a raised niche, stood a statue of the goddess Minerva - Roman copy of a Greek statue of the 5th century BC.

In the 4th century ad, began the process of Christianization of the Val Camonica, which put an end to the cult of Minerva. And even a hundred years later the Church was destroyed by a terrible fire, and the pagan statue was beheaded. Later, in the 13th century, after a flood of the river oglio, the temple grounds were covered with silt and was abandoned.

Only in 1986-m to year ruins of the Roman temple was accidentally discovered during excavation for laying of pipes. Interestingly, despite the fact that the location of the temple was forgotten, the memory of it remained standing near the Church bears the name of the virgin Mary, but local farmers have always called it the Church of Minerva. In 2004, the year work began on the restoration of the temple, was installed information boards and paved tour routes, and in 2007-m to year the temple of Minerva was officially turned into a Museum. Here was placed a copy of the statue of the goddess, the original of which is exhibited in the National Museum of the Val Camonica in the town Cividale, camuno.