/ / The Shrine of MONTEVERGINE: photos, description (Santuario di Montevergine)

The Shrine of MONTEVERGINE: photos, description (Santuario di Montevergine)

The Shrine of MONTEVERGINE is situated in the commune of Mercogliano in the Italian region of Campania, in 35 miles East of Naples. It was built on the site of the temple of the goddess Cybele on the mountain of MONTEVERGINE at a height of 1270 metres above sea level in good weather you can see the whole Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and Kompanijskog plain.

The history of the Church is closely connected with the story of a young pilgrim Guglielmo da Vercelli, who, struck with the beauty of the Apennine mountains, decided to settle on MONTEVERGINE. Later, the appearance of Christ inspired him to build the Church dedicated to the virgin Mary; it was built in 1124, the year, and for several centuries it was reconstructed, had not yet acquired its present appearance. Today, the religious complex consists of the old Basilica, the new Basilica in neo-Gothic style, built in 1961, the year of the monastery, rooms for guests, the bell tower and the crypt. Inside is stored a set of values, including Byzantine canopy of the 12th century, the monument to Catherine Filangieri 15th century and the old altar, not to mention the thousands of gifts brought by the black Madonna - Mamma Schiavone. Her image appeared in the temple in the 14th century.

All year round in the Church of MONTEVERGINE crowds of pilgrims, whose number increases many times during the festival Candelora, combining elements of pagan festivities and the Christian veneration. The festival is held in February: the faithful climb the mountain of MONTEVERGINE, singing songs and dancing. The heroes of the festival are the so-called "femminielli" fans Mammy Schiavoni, which, according to legend, in the 13th century saved a few young gay men exiled from the city and chained to a rock.