/ / The Church of Villa Suardi: photos, description (Oratorio di Villa Suardi)

The Church of Villa Suardi: photos, description (Oratorio di Villa Suardi)

The Church of Villa Suardi is located in the small town of trescore Balneario Balneario in the province of Bergamo. At the end of the 15th century in a large Park surrounding the Villa Suardi, by order of the cousins Giovan Battista and Maffeo Suardi was built a Church dedicated to the saints Barbara and Brigitte. In 1524, the year the Church is painted with frescoes of the famous painter of the time by Lorenzo Lotto. Only the frescoes of the apse belong to the brush of another artist, it remains unknown. However, the entire scenic loop depicts the story of the construction of the Church and the history of the family of Giovanni Battista Suardi.

The left wall of the chapel, which was once a private mansion, entirely covered with a huge fresco by Lorenzo Lotto. In the center you can see the image of Christ, from the fingers which seemed to grow grape tendrils with busts of saints, ramble on, dancing cherubs - cupids. There, on the left wall of the Church of Villa Suardi, has an image of the martyrdom of St. Barbara, driven by his father. Other wall decorations with patterned blanket panels depicting miracles of saints Brigid, Catherine and Maria Maddalena and busts Sibylle and wise men, announcing the coming of the virgin Mary.

The cycle of frescoes, completed in 1524, the year, and their value is a kind of reflection of the then existing religion against the uncertainties of the Protestant reformation, the preachers of which were by German troops, periodically invaded in the 16th century on the territory of the Val Cavallina. In particular, the Protestants did not accept the idea of the supremacy of the Pope and the cult of the Madonna and saints.

Until the 20th century, the Church of Villa Suardi, was the road that linked Bergamo and lying to the North of the valley. However, the current location of the Park, the Villa and the Church is the result of alterations of the last century. By order of count Suardi Gianforte belfry was built, a small vestry, a building of brick and some buildings. Near the Church are two tombs of family Suardi. One of them belongs Lanfranco di Baldino Suardi, who served as podestà (Governor) of Genoa and died in 1331 the year.