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Church of the Twelve Apostles: photos, description (Santi Dodici Apostoli)

Church of the Twelve Apostles, the titular Church and minor Basilica in Rome, built in the 6th century and originally dedicated to St. James, and Was to Philip the Apostle. Is run by the Order of friars minor Konwentualnych, one of the branches of the Franciscan order.

The Basilica was built by order of Pope Pelagius I to celebrate the victory over the Ostrogoths. In 1348 it was destroyed during the earthquake and for a long time remained neglected. And only in 1417 began the restoration of the Church - the idea became Pope Martin V, whose family owned the nearby Palazzo Colonna. The facade of the Church was completed in the late 15th century. Then melozzo da Forli decorated building with frescoes, which were executed in the best in that era of style and was considered a masterpiece. Unfortunately, at the initiative of Pope Clement XI, who launched a global restructuring of the Basilica, the frescoes were partially destroyed and partially transferred to the Vatican museums. On the new Baroque interior of the Church in the 18th century works by Carlo and Francesco Fontana. And in 1827 the façade of the building was redesigned by Giuseppe Valadier.

Inside the Church of the Twelve Apostles consists of a Central nave and two side aisles separated by Corinthian columns. In the center of the arch - picture of the early 18th century "Triumph of the order of St. Francis" brush, Bachicha. Here you can see frescoes by Luigi Fontana. To the right of the main altar - tomb of count Giraud de Kaprije and cardinal Raffaele Riario, probably the work of Michelangelo. And next to the first chapel is cancer that stores heart of Mary Clementine Sobeski, granddaughter of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski (her grave is located in St. Peter). Among the other attractions of the Church - 8 ancient columns in the Chapel of the Crucifix, the crypt with the relics of St. James and St. Philip the Apostle, the tomb of Pope Clement XIV in Paris.