/ / The Church of Cattolica di Stilo: photos, description (Cattolica di Stilo)

The Church of Cattolica di Stilo: photos, description (Cattolica di Stilo)

Cattolica di Stilo is a Byzantine Church located in the town of Stilo in the Italian region of Calabria. The building is a national monument.

Cattolica was built in the 9th century, when Calabria was part of the Byzantine Empire. The name of the Church comes from the Greek word "Catholic" which means Church baptisteries. Today Cattolica di Stilo, along with the Church of San Marco in the town of Rossano Calabro is one of the most outstanding examples of Byzantine architecture.

The Church is built in the form of "inscribed cross" that was typical of the Byzantine architecture of the period. The interior with four columns divided into five equal spaces. The Central square room and the side topped with domes, and the side vestibules are the same diameter. And the Central dome is higher and bigger the rest. The southern part of the Church, ending with three apses, stands on three stone bases. The building itself Cattolica is made of brick.

The interior of the Church was once entirely painted with frescoes. In the left apse is preserved the bell, which was cast in 1577, the year when the Church was handed over to Catholics. In addition, inside you can see several inscriptions in Arabic that allows to make the assumption that once Cattolica served as the Muslim temple. One of the inscriptions reads: "There is only one God."

In the town of Stilo, located 150 km from Reggio di Calabria, still remained a number of interesting attractions. For example, the Cathedral, the Church of San Domenico and San Nicola da Tolentino, the Norman castle of Roger II and the Fountain of Dolphins. Nearby is the ancient monastery of San Giovanni Theristis.