/ / The Church of the Consolata: photos, description (Santuario della Consolata)

The Church of the Consolata: photos, description (Santuario della Consolata)

The Consolata Shrine, dedicated to our lady of All who sorrow, is a significant Church and minor Basilica in Turin. Popularly known as La Konsla. Located at the intersection of via Consolata and via Carlo Ignazio Giulio.

In ancient times, this place, near the city walls, stood a small Church. It is believed that it was built in the 5th century by order of Bishop Maximus in honor of St. Andrew the Apostle. Inside was the chapel of the virgin Mary with the icon. The icon later became the object of universal worship. According to legend, in the 12th century it has helped to restore vision to a blind pilgrim.

Over the years of its existence, the Church was rebuilt several times and underwent restorations carried out by different monastic orders. The first major restoration, which the Church acquired its present appearance, was performed in 1678 by the architect Guarino Guarini and the engineer Antonio Bertola - they gave the Central nave of elliptical shape. In 1729-1740 years Filippo Juvarra added the North presbytery, thus creating a Church with two axes. The neoclassical facade, portico, and burial crypt date from 1845-1860 years later additions were made in 1899-1904 under the guidance of Carlo Ceppi.

The interior of the Church is different multicolored decorations in the Rococo style, colored marble and "Solomon's pillars". Altar work Juvarra adorned with two marble angels. Here you should pay attention to the picture Vincenzo Vela with the image of two praying Queens. Outside the Church is a statue of the virgin Mary with the Baby.

Consolata in the Church are buried some of the saints associated with Turin, it - Giuseppe Cafasso, Giovanni Bosco and Leonardo Murialdo. Every year on June 20 in the streets of the city is a religious procession with the icon of the virgin Mary.