/ / The Church of the Madonna Dell'angelo: photo description (Madonna Dell'angelo)

The Church of the Madonna Dell'angelo: photo description (Madonna Dell'angelo)

Madonna del Angelo is one of the largest churches resort of Caorle, built on a small promontory jutting into the sea. Once the Church consisted of three naves, but the sea regularly destroyed some of them, so in the 18th century the building was rebuilt and acquired its present appearance.

According to legend, one day a group of fishermen saw a strange light coming from somewhere from the sea, and when they approached him, they found the statue of the virgin Mary with the child and brought her to shore. The local Bishop and city residents tried to carry the statue in the Cathedral, but it was unbearably heavy. Then the Bishop invited the children, who, through her innocence, she raised the statue and brought it to the Church of the Archangel Michael. Since then, the Church became known as the Madonna del Angelo.

The Church itself is very old, perhaps one of the first churches built in Caorle. In the vaults of the temple you can see a fresco depicting the legendary discovery of the statue of the Madonna of the fishermen, and at one of the walls is a huge Istrian stone, on which, according to the same legend, the statue was floating on the waves. At the main entrance to the Church there is an inscription which States that during the terrible flooding in December of 1727, the year water rose to the level of 1 meter 60 cm, but not a single drop got inside the temple.

The current building of the Madonna del Angelo dates back to 1751, the year when Bishop Francesco Trevizan Suarez at the request of fishermen ordered to rebuild the ancient three-aisled Church, which by that time had virtually collapsed.

I must say that the veneration of the virgin Mary of the Seas is very common in Caorle. In her honor are held two festivals - the annual Celebration of the Coronation, when the whole city seethat fireworks, and the Feast of the Madonna Dell'angelo, which is held every five years.