/ / Church of the Madonna del Orto: photos, description (Madonna Dell'orto)

Church of the Madonna del Orto: photos, description (Madonna Dell'orto)

The Madonna del'orto Church in Venice in the Cannaregio district. It was built in the mid 14th century, now defunct religious order of humiliation under the direction of Tiberio da Parma, who is buried inside. The Church was originally dedicated to Saint Christopher, patron of travelers, but in the 15th century it became popularly known as the Church of the blessed virgin Mary, because here was brought the statue of the Madonna miraculously found in a nearby orchard (Orto in Italian). The statue itself was made for the Church of Santa Maria Formosa, but was refused.

The Madonna del Orto is on very shaky ground, and the first restoration works were carried out here already in 1399, the year. The founder of the Church of the order of humiliation because of its "perverse order" in 1462, the year was abolished, and the building was given to the congregation of the canons regular of St. George. This religious oragnizatsiya in 1668, the year also ceased to exist and its assets, including the Church of the Madonna del Orto and the attached monastery were transferred to the Cistercians. Finally, in 1787, the year the Church became property of the public of Venice. In the mid-19th century it was a large-scale restoration work, which ended with the entry of Venice in the United Italy.

The brick facade of the Madonna del Orto, made in 1460-64-m respectively, is divided into three parts by two rows of columns. Two side sections have quadruple Lancet Windows, and Central decorated with a huge window-wall socket. The portal is topped by a Lancet arch with decorations of white stone, depicting St. Christopher, the virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel. Under it is the tympanum of the porphyry. All together is part of the porch with Corinthian columns.

The upper Central section decorated with small arches and bas-reliefs with geometric motifs, and each of the side sections is made for 12 niches with statues of the apostles. In the Central section also has five Gothic niches with statues of the 18th century, depicting Justice, Generosity, Faith, Hope, and Moderation, which was brought here from the destroyed Church of Santo Stefano.

Inside the Church is divided into a Central nave and two lateral chapels with double pointed arches supported by Greek marble columns. The transept is absent, and located at the end of a pentagonal apse decorated by paintings by Tintoretto, who is buried here. Body placed at the entrance, was made in 1878, the year, and is considered one of the most powerful in Venice.

Near the building of the Madonna del Orto is a brick bell tower, built in 1503, the year. It has a square base and lukovichkoyi dome in Oriental style. On the top there is the white marble statue of Christ the Redeemer. The old bells, the largest of which was made in 1424, the year, was replaced in the late 19th century.