/ / Church of the Madonna del Pilone: photos, description Chiesa di Madonna del Pilone)

Church of the Madonna del Pilone: photos, description Chiesa di Madonna del Pilone)

Church of the Madonna del Pilone, also sometimes called a monastery, temple of the 17th century in Turin. Constructed in 1645, the year the Church was built by order of Queen Regent Maria Christina in memory of the miraculous escape of some girls from the river that took place a year earlier. According to legend, the girl was saved thanks to the intervention of the icon depicting the Annunciation of the virgin, which was later placed on a votive pillar.

In those days on the banks of the river, near where the Church now stands, was home to several mills. At dusk, the little daughter of one of Melnikov could not resist and fell into the water. Her mother heard the children screaming, but in the darkness he could not see exactly where the accident happened, and could not, therefore, rush to the aid of his daughter. Then she fell on her knees before the image of the Annunciation of the virgin built near the mill chapel. Legend has it that in the same moment a column of light illuminated the place where the girl fell into the water and was rescued. The news of the miracle spread through the city and led to the fact that in 1645, the year in this place a Church was built, and the image of the virgin Mary became the object of universal worship.

In 1779, the year the Church of the Madonna del Pilone was expanded in 1807, the year she received the title of parish Church along with the appearance in it of the baptistery. Over the years of its existence, the Church was repeatedly reconstructed, which significantly changed its interiors. From the original structure reached us only a few decorations, including stucco, the authorship of which is attributed to Giovanni Andrea Turin, and the frescoes of the dome are the work of Bartolomeo Guidobono. Carefully restored the image of the virgin Mary over the main altar, dated to 1587, the year, reminiscent of the miracle.