/ / The Church of San Benedetto po: photo description (San Benedetto)

The Church of San Benedetto po: photo description (San Benedetto)

The Church of San Benedetto, which bears the title of Basilica, built between 1704 and 1713 years in Catania, dedicated to St. Benedict of Nursia. Worked on the project of the architect Antonio di Benedetto. Located on one of the most beautiful streets of the city - the via dei Crociferi, it is part of the religious complex belonging to the order of Benedictine monks, which also includes Large and Small Abbey, United by a covered bridge over the via dei Crociferi. Around the Church are a variety of buildings, built in the style of Sicilian Baroque.

The main attraction of San Benedetto is of the so-called Scalinata del Angelo - a Ladder of Angels. This marble staircase decorated with statues of angels and surrounded by the amazing beauty of wrought iron railing.

The Church was built on the site of another temple of the 14th century, destroyed during the earthquake of 1693. The Baroque façade is divided horizontally into two parts. At the bottom is a wooden entrance door, decorated with panels depicting scenes from the life of St. Benedict and framed on the sides in two columns. The creation of this door is attributed to the renowned architect Vaccarini.

Inside the nave of the Church you can see frescoes by Stefano Lo Monaco, Giovanni and Matteo Tucceri Desiderata depicting the Coronation of the virgin Mary and other religious scenes. The arches of the Church are also decorated with frescoes depicting scenes from the life of St. Benedict. The high altar made of polychrome marble are carved from rubble, mosaic and bronze panels. It is also adorned with silver and gold. Marble flooring have been preserved from the previous Church.