/ / The Church of San Giacomo in Augusta: photo description (San Giacomo in Augusta)

The Church of San Giacomo in Augusta: photo description (San Giacomo in Augusta)

San Giacomo in Augusta is a Baroque Church in Rome, located in via del Corso are just three blocks South of Piazza del Popolo, in the Campo Marzio. Next to it stands the Church of gesù e Maria.

The first Church on this place was built in the 14th century near a hospital for the terminally ill (Incurabili) - it was called the San Giacomo degli have Incurabili. And the prefix "in Augusta" was added later because of the Mausoleum of Augustus nearby.

That first Church and hospital was established in 1339 by the initiative of cardinal Giovanni Colonna. By the early 16th century the hospital fell into disrepair, but a few decades later was re-opened under the patronage of the two religious orders. It was assumed that it contained patients with syphilis. Pope Nicholas V gave the hospital to the jurisdiction of the Florentine cardinal Antonio Maria Salviati, who became the initiator of the reconstruction of the Church. Oval in plan the building was completely redone according to the project of Francesco da Volterra. Reconstruction began in 1592 and ended in 1600 under the supervision of architect Carlo Maderno, who worked on the facade and interior decoration of the temple.

The interior of the Church is notable for the bas-reliefs and stucco work by the French sculptor Pierre Le Gros the Younger, the paintings of Giuseppe Passeri, work of the artist-Mannerist Cristoforo, Roncalli and other works of art.