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The Church of San Giovanni in bragora: photos, description of San Giovanni in Bragora)

San Giovanni in bragora - the Roman Catholic Church in Venice in the Castello quarter, located on the corner of the Campo Bandiera and Moro near always filled with tourists promenade, the Riva degli Schiavoni. It was founded in the early 8th century, allegedly by Saint Magnus of Oderzo, in the next century on the orders of Doge Pietro III Candiano was rebuilt in order to take possession of the relics of St. John the Baptist, whose name it bears. The next reconstruction took place in 1178-m to year. It was in San Giovanni in bragora baptized Pietro Barbo, future Pope Paul II, and in 1678, the year the great composer Antonio Vivaldi.

Its present appearance the Church received during the restoration 1475-1505-years under the guidance of architect Sebastiano Mariani da Lugano. Then to the original building, built in the Basilica form, was added to the simple brick facade in the late Gothic style with a small amount of scenery and smooth curves on top. A little to the side stands a small bell tower with three visible bells - it was built on the site of another demolished in 1826, the year. The interior of the temple is decorated with paintings by CIMA da Conegliano and Alvise Vivarini, Bartolomeo, which was restored in the 1990-ies.

The second chapel on the right dedicated to St. John the merciful, whose relics were brought to Venice from Egypt in 1247, the year. And the chapel on the left is notable for the huge ornate font of the 15th century - the one where Vivaldi was baptized. Scientists believe that the family of the composer in those years, he lived near the Church. On the day when Vivaldi was born in Venice, the earthquake happened, and the midwife decided that the baby would not survive, was immediately baptized in the nearest Church. But fate decreed otherwise - Vivaldi not only survived, but also became one of the most famous sons of Venice.

The origin of the word Bragora in the name of the Church still remains unclear. According to some assumptions, it comes from the Greek word "Agora" which means "square," in front of the building really is square. According to other versions, it can be derived from the local dialect "bragora" - "market" or "regalare" - "to fish".