/ / The Church of San Carlo AI Catinari: photos, description of San Carlo ai Catinari)

The Church of San Carlo AI Catinari: photos, description of San Carlo ai Catinari)

San Carlo AI Catinari, also known as Santi Biagio e Carlo AI Catinari, the early - Baroque Church in Rome. Located on Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, on the corner of via Arenula and via dei Falegnami. "ay Catenary" in the name of the Church suggests that at the time of its construction in the area had workshops for the manufacture of pottery.

The construction of the Church was started on the initiative of the order of varnavidou and funded by the Milanese community in Rome in honour of St. Carlo Borromeo, who was born in Milan). He also dedicated two other Roman Church San Carlo al Corso and San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.

The design of the Church was designed by architect Rosato Rosati between 1612 and 1620, and over the worked façade by Giovanni Battista Soria. The construction lasted from 1635 to 1638 years. Inside the Church is decorated with yellow pilasters of artificial marble. The sails of the dome painted with frescoes by Domenichino, who is also the author of the stucco decoration of the dome and probably the arches of the temple. In the area of the choir you can see a fresco depicting Carlo Borromeo is the last work of Giovanni Lanfranco. And right behind the main altar is painted with oil painting Pietro da Cortona depicting the same Saint.

To the right of the altar are intricate Baroque chapel designed by Antonio Gherardi (late 17th century). Other chapels of the Church is decorated with works by Lanfranco, Giacinto brandi, Andrea Sacchi, Giacinto Gemignani. In the Church also holds the relic skull of St. Fevronia from the ancient town of Nusaybin, who was executed for the faith in Christ.