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The Church of San Marco in San Girolamo: photos, description San Marco in San Girolamo)

The Church of San Marco in San Girolamo - the Baroque parish Church in Vicenza, built in the 18th century by the Order of Discalced Carmelites. It holds a number of works of art of the early 18th century, and in the sacristy you can see the original furniture of the same period.

The Church stands on the site of another religious building, which was built by the Jesuits in 1491, the year and dedicated to Saint Jerome. From the building to the present day preserved only the bell tower and a few tombstones. When in 1668, the year the congregation of Jesuits was abolished, the Church and convent were bought by the order of the barefoot Carmelites, which later expanded religious complex, rebuilding the Church in 1720-1727-m years. Still later, work was completed on the interior of the temple, and made altars. Flooring of white and red marble was made in 1745, the year.

The authorship of the project San Marco in San Girolamo is unknown, but probably over the building worked for several architects. The General style of the interior is reminiscent of the work of renowned Venetian architect Giorgio Massari. The document also mentions the name of the local native Giuseppe Brand. Finally, suggest and participate Francesco Muttoni. The facade of the Church was designed by abbé Carlo Corbelli of Brescia, built in 1756, the year. The building of the Church, used since 1725, the year it was solemnly consecrated only in 1760, the year and is dedicated to two saints Jerome and Teresa of Avila, the founder of the Discalced Carmelites. In people, the Church was called Chiesa degli Scalzi.

In 1810, the year the edict of Napoleon all religious orders and monasteries were abolished and their property confiscated. At some time in the Chiesa degli Scalzi is a tobacco manufactory, and later the building was assigned to the parish of San Marco and got its modern name - San Marco in San Girolamo. The appearance of the building has remained virtually unchanged, despite a number of restorations.

The facade of the Church is made in Baroque style and consists of two rows of Corinthian semi-columns on a high pedestal. On the top of the triangular tympanum, you can see three statues of saints. At the bottom, in the space between the half-columns made four niches, two niches are located just above and in the center of the facade is another big niche. Inside the Church consists of a single nave and six lateral chapels. Among decorating the interior of San Marco in San Girolamo works of art is to provide a picture of Pasqualotto Costantino, Sebastiano Ricci, Lodovico Buffetti, Antonio Balestra and brothers Maganza.