/ / The Church of San Pietro: photo, description Chiesa di San Pietro)

The Church of San Pietro: photo, description Chiesa di San Pietro)

The Church of San Pietro is the oldest religious building of Grosseto. It is located on Corso Carducci, the main street of the historic city, near the junction that leads to the churches Dei Bigi and San Francesco.

The Church of San Pietro was built in the early middle ages on a Roman road the via Aurelia. This ancient road crossed the center of the city on the Corso Carducci, which connects Piazza Dante and Porta Nuova. At that time the Church was located at the Northern tip of Grozny, and in front of her, at the southern end, stood the Church of San Giovanni. Interestingly, the distance between these two buildings on the axis North-South was identical to the one on which stood the Church of San Michele and Santa Lucia on the axis West-East.

Over the past century, the Church of San Pietro repeatedly subjected to reconstruction, which significantly changed its original appearance. The present appearance of the Church is, for the most part, the result of restorations undertaken in the 17th and 18th centuries.

A distinctive element of the Church is a Romanesque apse of the characteristic semicircular shape. The outer stone walls, which in places clearly visible fragments of calcareous tufa. Standing behind a stone bell tower was built in the 17th century on the site of the pre-existing tower. It is located to the right of the apse, on a medieval Foundation. At the top of the bell tower of a small dome.

The side walls of San Pietro closed near residential buildings and buildings that are almost completely "absorbed" the ancient Church. On the façade is the portal, which is preceded by a staircase with two pilasters with capitals. Above the portal of the facade of the Church is completely plastered, and in the center you can see a double window. The upper part of the facade is crowned with a number of small false arches. On either side of the pilasters that limit the portal of the Church are four bas-relief, two on each side, which date from the period of the Byzantine Empire. On one bas-relief depicts plants, on the other - a human figure, and the remaining two animals.

Inside the Church of San Pietro consists of a Central nave with partially preserved original Romanesque elements.