/ / The Church of San Pietro Martire: photos, description (San Pietro Martire)

The Church of San Pietro Martire: photos, description (San Pietro Martire)

San Pietro Martire is a Roman Catholic Church on the island of Murano in Venice. It was built in 1348, the year together with the Dominican monastery was originally dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. In 1474, the year the Church building burned to the ground, and only in 1511, the year it was rebuilt in the form in which it survived until our days. At the beginning of the 19th century, after only a few years after the fall of the once mighty Venetian Republic, the Church was closed, but not for long - already in 1813, the year she began to take in parishioners. Today, the San Pietro Martire is one of the two main parish churches on the island of Murano.

The facade is made of masonry and is divided into three sections. In the center is the portal of the 16th century, and above it - a huge, round window socket. To the left of the facade has a portico with Renaissance arcades and pillars, which probably are fragments of the original monastery cloister. There stands the bell tower built in 1498-1502-m years.

Inside the Church of San Pietro Martire is divided into three naves, which are separated from each other a series of huge columns. The wooden ceiling of the temple. The chancel is large enough in size, with cylinder vaults and two small lateral chapels. In addition to the high altar and altars in the chapels, in the Church there are six small altars, three in each side chapel.

The Church interior is decorated with numerous works of art. Among them - "the Baptism of Christ, ascribed to the brush of Tintoretto in the right nave, the work of Giovanni Bellini in the same place and the altarpiece Barbarigo, brought here from the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The right wing is the family chapel of Ballarin, built in 1506, the year and dedicated to saints Mary and Joseph. In this chapel installed a tombstone of one of the most important Ministers of the Republic of Venice - Giovanni Battista Ballarino, who died in 1666, the year. Also worth noting is the painting of Paolo Veronese, Giovanni Agostino da Lodi, Giuseppe Port and some other Venetian painters.