/ / The Church of San Francesco alle Rock: photos, description San Francesco alle Scale)

The Church of San Francesco alle Rock: photos, description San Francesco alle Scale)

San Francesco alle Rock - Church in Ancona located at the top of the stairs leading from the square. The Church was built in 1323, the year the monks from the Franciscan order and originally bore the name of Santa Maria Maggiore. Its present name she received in the mid-15th century.

Luxury portal of San Francesco alle Rock was completed in 1454, the year master of the Dalmatian Giorgio Yes, Sebenico who was inspired by the late Gothic of the Port della Map of Doge's Palace in Venice. In the 18th century the Church was raised on the Foundation and expanded by the architect Francesco Maria Caraffini, who was also the author of two adjacent monasteries and two covered galleries clouatre.

After the French occupation of the building of San Francesco alle Rock was used as a hospital, and from 1920, the year it housed the City Museum. In 1953, the year the Church was restored and reopened to the public. Restored bell tower of the 18th century, which was destroyed during the attack on Ancona in 1944-m to year, - it was rebuilt in the same place.

The main feature of the facade of San Francesco alle Rock is the aforementioned portal, designed by Giorgio da Sebenico, he ornamented with a picture of twenty heads. On the sides there are two tall pilasters with four niches in which are statues of saints. Above the portal is visible the Gothic lunette with a bas-relief of St. Francis, and above it - a shell with a hexagonal canopy. The portal leads to the staircase, which was rebuilt in the 1920-ies.

The interior nave of the Church completed in the 18th century. It includes the work of Pellegrino Tibaldi, Gioacchino Varlet Ladislaus, Andrea Lilli and the large assumption " by Lorenzo Lotto. Once within the walls of San Francesco alle Rock could also be seen saltany the image made by the great Titian in 1520, the year.