/ / The Church of San Francesco della Vigna: photos, description San Francesco della Vigna)

The Church of San Francesco della Vigna: photos, description San Francesco della Vigna)

San Francesco della Vigna is a Roman Catholic Church in the Sestiere Castello in Venice. Together with the Church of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, this Church is one of two Franciscan churches in Venice. Once upon a time this place was a vineyard - viña, and in 1253, the year there was the construction of the monastery. There was already a tiny chapel that marked the place where, according to tradition, the Apostle Mark, patron of Venice, an angel appeared.

The first Gothic Church on this site was built by the architect Marino da Pisa and had three naves. By the 16th century the Church building was in poor condition and demanded serious repair. At the same time, a reform that destroyed the Franciscans of the Minorite, who ruled Venice, the Doge Andrea Gritti, whose family Palace stood near the Church, commanded to engage in the reconstruction of the building. This Doge in the 1534, the year laid the first Foundation stone of the new Church.

The project of San Francesco della Vigna was designed by architect Jacopo Sansovino - he wanted to build a new Church in the Renaissance style. Participated in the project and one of the monks-the Franciscans, FR Zorzi, who insisted that the Central nave of the temple had 9 pacey wide and 27 Passover in length, and each of the three side chapels - three pace wide (one pace is equal to 76.2 cm). The chapel was sold for 250 to 300 ducats to our sponsors-the aristocracy, which allowed us to raise the necessary funds for construction. In exchange, the nobles had been promised that the chapel will be decorated with their family crest, and their bodies will be buried inside. For the right to be buried in the chancel of the temple in front of the main throne of the Doge Andrea Gritti paid 1000 ducats. In 1542, the year of Vettor Grimani and his brother cardinal Marino undertook the construction of the facade of the Church, but finally it was completed only in 1562, the year by the great Andrea Palladio.

The interior of San Francesco della Vigna, with its Doric columns of pale Istrian marble has a characteristic of Franciscan simplicity and rigor. Choirs located behind the altar. Decoration of the Church serve plaster sculpture of St Louis of Toulouse and the Gothic image of the virgin Mary-15th century. The Grimani chapel (first in the left side aisle) is decorated with paintings by Battista Franco. There you can see the altarpiece of Federico Zuccari. In the third chapel to the right are preserved paintings of Francesco Fontebasso, and the third chapel on the left, with a dome, decorated with frescoes by Tiepolo and sculpture by Andrea Kominelli. It bears the name of St. Gerardo Sagredo. There is also the sarcophagus of the Doge Niccolo and Alvise Sagredo Sagredo work of Giovanni Gaja. The walls are painted with frescoes by Tiepolo depicting the four Evangelists.