/ / The Church of San Frediano: photos, description (San Frediano)

The Church of San Frediano: photos, description (San Frediano)

The first mention of the Church of San Frediano refer to the year 1061. It was founded by the family of Buzzaccarini-Sismondi and originally dedicated to St. Martin. Once near the Church was a hospital.

The Romanesque facade of San Frediano typical medieval architecture of Pisa. It is decorated with blind arches, diamond-shaped pieces and dichroic stones, which were also used in the construction of the Cathedral. In the upper part of the facade you can see a huge arched window. The interior, despite a terrible fire in 1675, a fairly well preserved. The Church has a typical Basilica plan - Central nave and two lateral chapels. Marble columns with capitals decorated with stucco figures in the Romanesque style. Among stored here works of art can distinguish a rare Grand cross of the 12th century, painted on gilded panels, several Baroque altars, restored in the 16th and 17th centuries, and paintings by the 17th-century brush Ventura Salimbeni depicting the "Annunciation" and "Nativity". Aurelio Lomi belongs the painting "the Adoration of the Magi. And many of the frescoes is a creation of Domenico Passignano. The dome is painted by the artist, Rutilio Manetti. Above the apse there is a window in the center of which you can see the coat of arms of the family Agostini, patrons of the Church.

Near the Church of San Frediano stands a sturdy brick bell tower. Interestingly, there is a range of offices of various social movements and associations, such as the Leaning branch of the Italian Catholic Federation of Students, Association of Catholic students, Association "Santa Malatesta" which assists foreign students who come to Pisa from countries experiencing war or from countries with a high level of poverty.