/ / The Church of San Clemente: photo, description Chiesa di San Clemente)

The Church of San Clemente: photo, description Chiesa di San Clemente)

San Clemente - the old Church in Padua, located on Piazza dei Signori. Is subordinated to the Cathedral Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta.

The first mention of the Church refers to the 1190, the ninth year, when it received the status of a parish. In the 16th century the building was substantially rebuilt during the reorganization of the square, another reconstruction took place in the 17th and 18th centuries. Buried inside Mini Titian, of Padua, the famous sculptor.

Outside the Church of San Clemente is surrounded by residential homes and commercial buildings. Only the front facade facing the square, are available for inspection. Columns with Corinthian capitals divide the facade into three parts, and on their tops are placed the statues of saints Clement, Justine and Daniel. The pediment of the portal surmounted by a window, a socket, which is surrounded by the scenery of the 7th-8th centuries. High relief with the image of St. Clement dates from the 14th century. And in two niches the statues of saints John the Baptist and the eligius 17th century. Attracts attention, standing near the Church bell tower in neo-Baroque style.

The main nave of the Church is a room with arched, ending in a small square apse. Wall paintings of the temple - the work of Giovanni Battista Bissoni, Giulio Cirillo and Pietro Damini. Main altar from 1782, the year keeps the altarpiece with the image of Pope Clement I, surrounded by angels - the work of Luke Ferrari from Reggio. Another altar of the Church bearing the name of St. Anthony, gift of the fraternity of grocers. Its bas-reliefs depict the scene of the Baptism. At the entrance to the Church you can see the fresco, the creation of which is attributed to Jacopo Bellini. Also pay attention to the choir with the seats in Rococo and an ancient organ - it dates from the 12th century and may have been created from parts of the more ancient musical instrument.