/ / The Church of San Costanzo: photo, description Chiesa di San Costanzo)

The Church of San Costanzo: photo, description Chiesa di San Costanzo)

The Church of San Costanzo is one of the oldest churches on the island of Capri, named after the patron Saint of the island of Saint Costanza. With the 987 th in the 1560-th years served as the Cathedral of the diocese of Capri.

The exact date of construction of the Church is unknown, but it is perhaps the oldest temple of the island. Some historians believe that it can be dated to the 5th century because it stands on the ruins of an ancient Roman building, once consisting of eight columns and two apses. Others claim that it was built between the 8th and 12th centuries. Whatever it was, but on the site of the present Church there was the Church, when, in 987, the year was founded the diocese of Capri. The temple was built in the Byzantine style and was in the form of a Greek cross in plan. It was originally dedicated to Saint Severino and only after the death of St. Costanza in the 7th century it was renamed. In 1330, the year the Church had undergone a major restoration, when, by order of count Giacomo of Aruchi was erected an altar in the typical Gothic style. In 1560, the year the Cathedral of the diocese was the Church of Santo Stefano.

In 1775, the year of the building of the Church was "cut" three columns of Numidian marble for the construction of the Royal chapel of the Palazzo di Caserta, which will affect the stability of the temple. And in the 20th century, the porch was dismantled and changed the façade of the Church for the construction of a parish house. As a result, today from the historic appearance of the Church of San Costanzo was almost lost (it can be seen in watercolors of Giacinto Gigante 1840, the year).

In 1972, the year the Church received a second name of Maria Santissima della libertà. At the end of the 20th century during restoration works was discovered a Roman floor and part of the brick wall of the 5th century, but wasn't established was whether these findings are part of the original temple belonged to or stood a more ancient building.

Today, the Church of San Costanzo has a very simple facade Dating from the late 19th - early 20th centuries. It is divided into two parts by the narrow architrave, in the lower part of the doorway is of the 14th century. Inside, the temple has retained the plan of a Greek cross. Near the Church stands a small bell tower in Arabic style.