/ / Church of Sant'angelo: photo, description Chiesa di Sant'angelo)

Church of Sant'angelo: photo, description Chiesa di Sant'angelo)

The Church of Sant'angelo in Perugia, built in 5-6 centuries and dedicated to the Archangel Michael, is today one of the oldest churches in Italy. She probably stands on the foundations of the Roman temple, which was destroyed with the announcement of paganism forbidden and the spread of Christianity throughout the Empire. Moreover, some archaeologists assume that even before this place was sacred to the mysterious Etruscans.

Umbria is one of those Italian regions in which Christianity spread rapidly. Already by the 6th century on this earth, contested by the Byzantines and barbarians, there were 21 diocese. But local people were looking for in the new monotheistic religion of consolation from the many wars and other disasters. At that time already had built some churches, such as San Salvatore (4-5 century) in Spoleto, but, unfortunately, only a small part of them survived until our days. Many Christian churches were built on the foundations of ancient pagan temples - so it was with the Abbey San Pietro in Valle and the Basilica of Sant Eufemia in Spoleto.

The early Christian Church of Sant'angelo, standing on one of the highest hills of Perugia, has other names - Padiglione di Orlando, the Church of the Archangel Michael, or just the Tempietto (small temple). To get to it by clicking on the Corso Garibaldi. Small garden precedes the building entrance, built on two concentric surfaces. Inside the Church is typically Romanesque style: indoor arcade and chancel separated by an amphitheater of 16 Corinthian columns. Given the fact that all the columns are different sizes and made of different material, it can be assumed that they were brought here from other buildings that were typical for that time. Two chapels adjacent to the outer walls of the Church, giving it the shape of a Greek cross.

This place is a must visit for those who believes in everything mysterious and mystical, the Church is filled with various strange characters. On the door jambs and on the breast of the virgin Mary, depicted in a fresco, you can see the crosses that were part of the symbolism of the knights Templar, a medieval religious brotherhoods, whose history is full of secrets and mysteries. Moreover, a few metres from the entrance to Sant'angelo drawn the pentagram - the symbol of the goddess Venus, which in the middle ages was associated with black magic.

In 1948, the Church carried out the restoration work, which has been restored antique frescoes and 12 Windows of the Central vestibule. Special attention deserves the marble portal of the 14th century, which, oddly enough, no traditional round rose-window and high reliefs.