/ / The Church of Sant Andrea della Valle: photo, description Sant'andrea della Valle)

The Church of Sant Andrea della Valle: photo, description Sant'andrea della Valle)

Sant'andrea della Valle is a Roman Basilica located in the district of Sant Eustachio in Piazza Vidoni at the intersection of Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso, Rinascimento. This is the main Church of the monastic order of teatini.

The creation of the Church was planned when Donna Costanza Piccolomini of Aragon, Duchess of Amalfi and descendant of the family of Pope Pius II, bequeathed her Palace and the adjacent Church of San Sebastiano in Rome the order of teatini. As the patron Saint of Amalfi is Saint Andrew, once it was decided that the new Church will bear his name. Work started in 1590 - worked on a project the architects Giacomo della Porta and pier Paolo Olivieri, and patronized them cardinal Gesualdo. In 1608, after a break, construction resumed - he was joined by Carlo Maderno, who created an even more ambitious project. The interior of the Church was completed by 1650.

Attraction of the Church is its dome. To paint the dome with frescoes, fought Giovanni Lanfranco and Domenichino, both students Karachi. In 1608, cardinal Alessandro opted for Lanfranco, however, Pope Gregory XV chose balance Domenichino. In the end, both artists were hired. Magnificent scenery Lanfranco, completed in 1627, became the role model for the next few decades. And Domenichino had a hand in the decoration of the apse of the Church. The dome itself for a long time was considered the third largest in Rome after the domes of St. Peter's Basilica and the Pantheon.

Inside the Church are noteworthy chapels, worked out by the outstanding masters of his time, the chapel, Ginette sculpture Antonio Raggi, the Strozzi chapel with bronze copies of Michelangelo's statues, he also designed the chapel of the Madonna della Purità with the tomb of the Martyr Saint Fortunato, the round chapel to the left of the entrance to the tomb of Pope Pius II, etc.