/ / The Church of Sant'erasmo in Porto Ercole: photo, description Chiesa di Sant'erasmo)

The Church of Sant'erasmo in Porto Ercole: photo, description Chiesa di Sant'erasmo)

The Church of Sant'erasmo is one of the oldest religious buildings of Porto Ercole. It stands on a small plateau within the city walls. Probably this Church was built in the 13th century on the site of a small chapel, built in the 7th century. The facade of the present building is made in a very simple Tuscan style, with a portal surmounted by a triangular pediment, and a small window of rosette in the center. To the right rises the bell tower, built in 1915, the year: earlier this place was a Spanish bell tower, but she probably collapsed as a result of a lightning strike, which seriously affected the Church itself. Visible on the left side of the nave, which supports an underground tunnel with a length of about 30 meters. Also pay attention to the old chapel of Santa Croce, now secularized, - it stands on the site of the hospital Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, which, according to the documents, died of the great Caravaggio.

The interior of the Church of Sant'erasmo immersed in a mysterious twilight. The temple is divided into two naves, the main and the lateral, smaller and overlooking the sea. The ceiling of the main nave is covered with rafters of the 17th century. On the right is a chapel with a beautiful font of white marble. Behind the chapel you can see the niches where once stood the statues of the saints, now preserved in the sacristy. In the depths of the Church is the chancel, which is slightly elevated above the floor with steps. It is in the presbytery is the altar - one of the major works of art of this Church. It is made of white marble in the Renaissance style, and at its foot placed marble plaques with inlays and paintings beneath them lie the Spanish Governor-General of Porto Ercole. Behind the altar are the choirs, which are two side doors. The choir vaults are painted with frescoes depicting the four evangelists and saints Erasmus and Roch.

The right nave of the Church comprises several chapels with cross-vaulting: first chapel dedicated to St. Erasmus, the patron Saint of Porto Ercole. It is richly decorated with frescoes and a beautiful altar with a bust of the Saint from papier-mache.