/ / The Church of Santa Caterina dei Funari: photos, description, Santa Caterina dei Funari)

The Church of Santa Caterina dei Funari: photos, description, Santa Caterina dei Funari)

Santa Caterina dei Funari Church in Rome in the heart of Sant'angelo. Notable for its façade, as well as frescoes and paintings in the interior.

The Church stands on the spot where in 221 BC, the Circus was built Flaminia earmarked for the chariot races. In the Middle ages, not far from this place were situated the workshops of the manufacturers of ropes - "Funari" - hence the name of the Church. However, it was originally called Santa Maria de Donna Rosa in Castro aureo - under this title a three-aisled Basilica appears in documents of the late 12th century. It was later rebuilt and dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

In 1534, Pope Paul III gave the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, who established a society for homeless girls. A few years later, with the financial support of cardinal Federico CESI, the Church was rebuilt.

Attractions of Santa Caterina dei Funari is the façade of travertine (calcareous tufa), which shows the influence of Renaissance architecture from Lombardy, Guidetto Guidetti, who worked on the building. For a sample, he took the Church of Santo Spirito in Sassie built by his teacher Antonio da Sangallo the Younger. The facade is decorated with columns with Corinthian capitals, heads of cupids and the image of the horns of plenty. Over the window plug is visible the heraldic shield of the family CESI. Giacomo della Porta took this facade as a model for the creation of the facade of the Church of the gesù.

Inside Santa Caterina dei Funari decorated with works of outstanding masters of the 16th-17th centuries. For example, in the chapel of Santa Margherita is kept the altarpiece of Annibale Carracci brush. Federico Zuccari painted chancel, and Raffaellino da Reggio was decorated with frescoes of the apse.