/ / The Church of Santa Croce: photos, description (Santa Croce)

The Church of Santa Croce: photos, description (Santa Croce)

The Santa Croce Church is a unique monument of great historical value not only for its clear expression of the Gothic style, but also because of the wealth stored in her works of art. The creation of the Basilica of Santa Croce (SV. Cross), one of the largest churches in the city, attributed to the genius of the master of Arnolfo di Cambio, who began to work on it with 1294. Work continued until the second half of the XIV century but it was consecrated only in 1443. The facade with its three portals, made the project N. The Matas, dates from the XIX century. The bell tower, Dating from the same period (1847) was built by architect John.Baccani. Along the left side of the Basilica there is a portico of light, almost airy arches.

The magnificent interior consists of three naves. The Central nave is separated from the side slender pylons octagonal cross-section, from which upwards like streams of a fountain, a pointed arch with double frame. The beauty of the Church was somewhat affected by the redevelopment undertaken in the XVI century. The Church has a ceiling rafter type; the floor - the old tombstones throughout the space of the naves.

In the transepts are several chapels, among which the Cappella Maggiore by Agnolo Gaddy fresco "the Legend of the Holy Cross". (1380). In the altar - polyptych Gerini depicting the Madonna with Saints, and at the top is a Crucifix of the Giotto school. Stained glass Windows date back to the XIV century.

The most famous tomb monuments located along the walls of the right aisle: monument to Michelangelo by Vasari (1579), the monument to Dante Alighieri sculptor Ricci (1829), a monument of Machiavelli's work, Spinazzi (1787) and the monument of Galileo Galilee.

In the right part of the transept is the Cappella Castellani with beautifully executed frescoes Agnolo Gaddy (1385) scenes from the lives of Saints. In the altar - Crucifix Gerini.

In the depth of the transept is the Cappella Baroncelli with a beautifully executed Gothic family tomb with a niche frescoed by Taddeo Gaddy - Madonna. On the walls are frescoes by the same artist on scenes from the Life of the virgin Mary. Altarpiece Coronation of the virgin Mary made by Giotto.

The portal work Michelozzo leads to the Sacristy, where in the Chapel of Rinuccini you can admire frescoes from the Life of Magdalene and the virgin Mary of the painter Giovanni di Milano. A wonderful altarpiece made by Giovanni del Biondo (1379). In addition to the above chapels in the Church of Santa Croce there is still a chapel, containing priceless works of art: the Medici chapels, the Chapel of Belotti, the Chapel of the Peruzzi, the Bardi Chapel, the Chapel of Tosini, Cappella Policy.

In the depths of the cloister of the Basilica of Santa Croce opens the Cappella dei Pazzi - a beautiful creation of Brunelleschi, who began work in 1443. The decoration of the chapel made by such artists as Desiderio da Settignano, Luca della Robbia, Giuliano da Maiano. The chapel is preceded by a pronaos of Corinthian columns. A small dome with a conical roof and a circular lantern was completed in 1461. The interior is the embodiment of beauty and harmony of the Renaissance: gray stone pilasters accent the white walls.