/ / The Church of Santa Maria Assunta: photos, description (Santuario di Santa Maria Assunta)

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta: photos, description (Santuario di Santa Maria Assunta)

The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is located in the town of Bianzano in the province of Bergamo. He's lonely and isolated stands in an open space far from residential houses. This place offers a vast panorama.

Santa Maria Assunta was built in 1234, the year and subsequently renovated in 1727, the year, as reported by the memorial stone, placed on the right wall at the entrance to the temple. For nearly four centuries - from 1234 till 1614-th years - this Church bore the title of parish.

The bell tower of the Church dates from the second half of the 18th century - it has a square shape and is divided into three parts with the help of the belts - special architectural details. The altar, made around 1690, the year the master of Fantoni, he is a small temple. Finally, around the Church of Santa Maria Assunta you can see many of the graves dated to the 13th to 18th centuries.

On the right wall of the temple there is a statue of the "Signurù" depicting the suffering Christ, whose face remains calm and humble. The population of Bianzano especially honors this statue - on the third Sunday of July, she participates in a religious procession during the celebration Signurù. The origins of this ceremony, which is celebrated since the Second World war and aims to the protection of Christ the Redeemer for the locals, can be traced in the legend. According to tradition, when the statue Signurù was first placed on the wall of Santa Maria Assunta, she caused fear and anxiety among the faithful, especially children. It was then decided to bury the statue in an open place. However, when the "funeral procession" was not yet finished, suddenly there came a terrible hurricane that destroyed the entire crop. Someone suggested to dig Signurù, and when it was done, the sky immediately cleared up. And it happened all on the third Sunday of July.